The Name Tumbdi:

The village of Tumbdi is located on a small hill. The soil and rocks here have a distinct RED colour. Hence the name “Tumbdi”, which literally means an earthen pot made of red clay that quenches everyone’s thirst with its sweet, naturally chilled pure water. Just like the people from Tumbdi.
True to its name, our village is rich not just financially but more importantly in cultural, spiritual, literary and community wealth as well. There are a variety of ongoing community service projects at any given time with the people trying to help by donating knowledge, finance and most importantly time. With more than 12 different communities of different faiths and religions residing side-by-side Tumbdi is a true example of Unity in Diversity of India!


Although Tumbdi comes under the Mundra Taluka, it is on the borders of the Mundra, Mandvi and Bhuj Talukas of Kutch. Tumbdi is equidistant from the 3 biggest cities in Kutch, being 34 kms from Mundra, 37 kms from Bhuj and 33 kms from Mandvi. Its immediate neighbors are the villages of Pundi, Ramania, Faradi, Gajod and among others.
Tumbdi is spread over an area of 12.6 square km with a perimeter of 16.58 kms. The land in and around Tumbdi is rich in Minerals and this being the reason for a strict prohibition by the government on any kind of digging.

Within the village, there are 9 lanes or “fariya”:
  1. Patel Fariyo
  2. Peer Fariyo
  3. Sandi Seri
  4. Nam Fariyo (also called Limbdo Fariyo)
  5. Vandho Fariyo
  6. Khutiya Fariyo
  7. Moto Fariyo
  8. Satiyo Fariyo
  9. Main Road (Bus Stand)
  10. Chawk

Fun facts

Year of Founding     :     Gujrati Samvant year 1710 (12th Century)
Area of Tumbdi     :     12.6 Sq. Kms. – Entire Land, 20,34,130 ft² - Actual residential village
Perimeter of Tumbdi     :     16.58 Kms. – Entire Land, 2kms - Actual residential village
No. of Jain Families from Tumbdi     :     579
No. of Jain people from Tumbdi     :     2483
No. of Baua Families     :     113 (Population: 466)
No. of Chhadwa Families     :     8 (Population: 26)
No. of Chheda Families     :     33 (Population: 133)
No. of Dedhia Families     :     23 (Population: 94)
No. of Gala Families     :     1 (Population: 38)
No. of Khuthia Families     :     26 (Population: 111)
No. of Mota Families     :     1 (Population: 4)
No. of Nandu Families     :     1 (Population: 5)
No. of Sangoi Families     :     12 (Population: 45)
No. of Satiya Families     :     49 (Population: 218)
No. of Savla Families     :     248 (Population: 1038)
No. of Vira Families     :     9 (Population: 33)
No. of Lalan Families     :     1 (Population: 2)
No. of Parekh Families     :     5 (Population: 22)
No. of Shah Families     :     47 (Population: 247)

“Nokh”, in other words surnames, from the Jain Community in Tumbdi :

  • Baua
  • Chhadwa
  • Chheda
  • Dedhia
  • Gala
  • Khutiya
  • Mota
  • Nandu
  • Sangoi
  • Satiya
  • Savla
  • Vira
  • Lalan
  • Parekh
  • Shah

Communities in of Tumbdi :

  • K. V. O. Jain
  • Gujjar Jain
  • Bhraman
  • Sutar
  • Darji
  • Maheshwari
  • Goswami
  • Ayar
  • Muslim
  • Jadeja
  • Khawash
  • Lohar


  • Ramania
  • Beraja
  • Mota Asambia
  • Faradi
  • Chundi
  • Pundi
  • Gajod


1. Shri Kutch Tumbdi Jain Mahajan

Shri Kutch Tumbdi Jain Mahajan is a body which helps to uplift the village, community and bring solutions to any of the situations of the village or the villagers. Initially the Mahajan was categorized into three divisions – Mumbai Mahaja, Vikas Manadal and Navjeevan Mandal. In the 1980’s all the three separate bodies have merged and formed a single body which is functional and dedicated.


Vice President

Managing Trustee




Donor Trustee



Associate Secretary

Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee Member

The Past :

The Mahajan is very old and is committed to uplift the village and the people of the village. Since the past the Mahajan is dedicated to uplift the village and the community as a whole. They have helped the villagers in many ways like there was a School in the village which was not operational at all but the Mahajan made it functional to create literacy and educate the young blood of the village. There were no medical facilities in the Tumbdi, they got a “Sarvajanik Dava Khana” (a dispensary) by appealing to the local board. The Mahajan-wadi was long awaited by the people which was finally created along with the Atithi Gruha which is made available for people to stay who do not have their homes inside the village. The main role of the Mahajan-wadi is to offer food and stay at subsidized rates. Not just such big things but the Mahajan has always helped every needy person by all possible means.

The Present :

The Present committee is as dedicated as the past ones. They have not just successfully carried the legacy forward but also improvised it at brought it to completely different level. The present Mahajan is headed by the President Shri Dinesh Tokarshi Savla and the Co- Members. The committee is helping the villagers in many ways like

  • Providing Scholarships and Loans for the students to study.
  • Helping the people during Natural Calamities.
  • Provides Subsidized food and stay through the Mahajan-wadi and Atithi Gruha.
  • For the people who are residing permanently in the village like the localites like the Thakrai or the Rajputs etc., a dispensary was made so that the medical facilities could reach them everyday.
  • There is Library which is managed by the Mahajan.
  • Provisions have been created so that the birds and Animals are fed everyday.
  • If there is drought in the village, it is made sure that the Cows and Buffaloes, goats and other herbivorous animals are fed.

Activites In Mumbai :
  • The Mahajan is Providing relief in the Mediclaim policies to the needy.
  • It sponsors Educational and Medical expenses of the people who cannot afford it.
  • It aids people who do not have a house in Mumbai by helping them purchase it through Avas Yojna.
  • It organizes various Sports Activities like Cricket and Volley Ball.

The Mahajan has launched a directory – Tumbdi No Dhabkar which has all the details about the village and the contact detais of the villagers so as to make the communication between each other easy and frequent. Along with that they have also launched a small pocket diary Trin Trin Tumbdi which is just the Telephoe directory.

After almost 20 years the Mahajan organized a cultural festival for the people on the 21st of December, 2014 at the Nalanda Hall, Chembur. It was a huge celebration with more than hundreds of pariticpants in Drama, Dance and other activities. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed it with having served with Lunch, Snacks, Dinner, Dance, Music and Fun.

The Future Plans :

The present Mahajan is not just Enthusiast but also has a vision. They have foresighted the growth of Tumbdi and so the have planned things like :

  • They plan to give Loans at Zero Percent Interest for people who want to start their Gruha Udyog (business from house)
  • The will provide Zero Percent Interest Loans to Students who want to dedicatedly study and make a career of their own.
  • They even want to Construct a New Mahajan – Wadi with better facilities to provide to the people.

The Mahajan in the past has, presently is and in the future dedicates its Life to the assist the people in all the ways and alleviate the growth of the village.

2. Shri Nemi Suvidhi mahila Mandal

The Nemi Suvidhi Mahila Mandal is the Ladies Club Of Tumbdi which pro-actively is organizing various activities for the ladies of the village. The main motto of this club is bring together the ladies and create a platform where the female members can know each other, help each other and actively participate in growth of the village. They organize get together twice or thrice a year so that everybody connects with each other and knows each other.


The Tumbdi Cricket Club not just has young and talented players but highly potential players. The team has won several awards for Tumbdi and the most important victories were in the years 1997, 2001, 2004 and 2006 where Tumbdi had won the Navneet Cup. The Team has not just won Navneet Cup but even SIX A SIDE CUP in the year 1998 and 1999 and also Volley Ball match in 1999 and even a Runners Up Trophy once. The Captain of the current Cricket Team is Mr. Piyush Bharat Khutiya.


Comprising of 6 young and dynamic members, we are responsible for things like this website and the android app.
Visioned and proposed by Amrish Dinesh Savla the team has build this website and an android app. With really dedicated members and sheer hard work the team holds a promise for great developments in future.

  • Amrish Savla
  • Nirav Savla
  • Urvi Savla
  • Aneri Savla
  • Hetal Savla
  • Chirag Savla

How to get there

By train

The nearest Railway stations near Tumbdi are Bhuj and Gandhidham. The distance from Bhuj is 42 kms and 83 kms from Gandhidham. One can easily book tickets through the Indian Rail website :

  • Kutch Express (Daily) and Sayaji Nagri Express (Daily) from Mumbai via Surat, Ahmedabad and Gandhidham to Bhuj.
  • Ala Hazrat Express(Daily) from Delhi via Jaipur, Ajmer and Palanpur to Bhuj.
By road

One can travel by road using the State transport and private buses available for Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar and Jodhpur. To get directions to Nani Tumbdi visit the link to google maps : link

By air

There are two Airports connecting Kutch- one is the Bhuj Airport and another Kandla airport. The major Air carriers are Jet airways and Air india. It is 44kms from bhuj Airport and 82 kms from Kandla Airport.


Sr. No. Family code Code Name Date of birth Diksha date Sampraday Previous name
1 62 1 Sadhavishri Narendrashriji Maharajsaheb 16-01-1920 3-04-1935 Shri Achalgachh Sampraday Nanbai Morarji Baua
2 62 2 Sadhavishiri Charulatashriji Maharajsaheb 2-06-1939 6-12-1954 Shri Achalgachh Sampraday Chanchalben Morarji Baua
3 123 1 Sadhvishri Sadgunashriji Mahasatiji 24-04-1934 13-12-1958 Shri Achalgachh Sampraday Sunderben Lakhamshi Chheda
4 7 1 Sadhvishri Nijanandshriji Maharajsaheb NA 6-12-1964 Shri Pashvachandragachh Sampraday Nirmalaben Jagshi Baua
5 303 1 Bal Brahmachari Pujya Vasantprabhbai Mahasatiji NA 6-02-1965 Shri Sthanakvasi Chakoti Sampraday Velbai (Veena) Meghji Savla
6 406 1 Sadhvishri Chandrakrinaji Maharaj Saheb NA 26-04-1967 Shri Tapagachh Sampraday Shantaben Keshavji Savla
7 46 1 Sadhvishri Charupragyashriji Maharajsaheb NA 4-05-1968 Shri Achalgachh Sampraday Diwaliben Nathabhai Baua
8 130 1 Neelambai Mahasatiji Maharaj Saheb 17-10-1950 5-05-1968 Shri Limbdi Sampraday Neelam Kanji Chheda
9 14 1 Sadhvishri Padmarekhashriji Maharajsaheb 18-12-1954 18-01-1971 Shri Pashvachandragachh Sampraday Prabhaben Khimji Baua
10 322 1 Sadhvishi Hiranyagunashriji Maharaj Saheb 2-08-1951 17-02-1972 Shri Achalgachh Sampraday Hemlata Meghji Savla
11 46 2 Sadhavishri Amitpragyashriji Maharajhsaheb NA 19-02-1972 Shri Achalgachh Sampraday Arvindaben Nathabhai Baua
12 53 1 Sadhavishi Ramyanandshriji Maharajsaheb NA 3-02-1973 Shri Achalgachh Sampraday Tejbai Velji Baua
13 253 1 Sadhvishri Takshshilashriji Maharaj Saheb NA 10-03-1974 Shri Tapagachh Sampraday Taramati Jadhavji Satiya
14 234 1 Rekhabai Mahasatiji Maharaj Saheb 17-12-1959 24-02-1975 Shri Aath Koti Moti Paksh Sampraday Taramati Madhavji Satiya
15 356 1 Bal Brahmachari Aradhanabai Mahasatiji 13-07-1957 17-12-1977 Shri Limbdi Ajramar Cha Koti Sampraday Hemlata Shivji Savla
16 183 1 Param Pujya Sanveggunashriji Mahasatiji 10-06-1955 NA Shri Achalgachh Sampraday Sarla Bhavanji Khuthia
18 178 1 Param Pujya Velbai Mahasatiji NA NA Shri Aath Koti Moti Paksh Sampraday Velbai Devshi Khuthia
19 196 1 Param Pujya Harshratna Vijayji Maharaj Saheb NA NA Shri Tapagachh Sampraday Dungarshi Kunvarji Khuthia
20 288 1 Bal Brahmachari Vijayakumari Mahasatiji NA NA Shri Limbdi Ajramar Cha Koti Sampraday Vimalaben Jethalal Savla
21 288 2 Bal Brahmachari Pujya Ramchandraji Swami NA NA Shri Limbdi Ajramar Cha Koti Sampraday Talakshi Jethalal Savla
22 288 3 Bal Brahmachari Taramatibai Mahasatiji NA NA Shri Limbdi Ajramar Cha Koti Sampraday Ratanben Jethalal Savla
23 394 1 Bal Brahmachari Sheelprabhabai Mahasatiji NA NA Shri Limbdi Ajramar Cha Koti Sampraday Sushilaben Devshi Savla
24 394 2 Bal Brahmachari Atulabai Mahasatiji NA NA Shri Limbdi Ajramar Cha Koti Sampraday Lilavantiben Devshi Savla
25 394 3 Bal Brahmachari Vishratiben Mahasatiji NA NA Shri Kanji Swami Sampraday (Digambar) Vasantiben Devshi Savla
26 525 1 P. P. Japadamgunashriji Maharaj Saheb NA NA Shri Achalgachh Sampraday Jayaben Premji Savla
27 527 1 P. P. Sadhvishri Chandrakrinashriji Maharaj Saheb 12-12-1946 26-04-1967 Shri Tapagachh Sampraday Shantaben Keshvaji Savla



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